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 Costa Rica was chosen Happiest Place on Earth for the 2nd year consecutively by the NEF and HPI (Happy Planet Index). What makes Costa Rica an exceptionally appealing destination to reside is the peoples' highlight on quality of life, family, education and medical care and a governance that encourages bionomics and sustainability.

Items considered in the annual study are eco footprint, well-being and life span among others. Costa Rica is known as the leader in ecology and conservation with near 25% of its land mass dedicated to protected parks or reserves. As a strong nation, Costa Rica sets the bar high for additional Central American nations in that it has a traditional peaceful stature and an admirable social network that help make Costa Rica stand out through out Latin America.

Costa Rica has generally been a modern nation - getting rid of its military in the late 40's and deciding alternatively to direct those finances into education and healthcare for its people. Most of the time recognized as the Switzerland of the Americas, the country has emerged as the top alpha dog in eco-travel and is repeatedly on the list of anyone thinking of a "green friendly" locale. Her raw natural beauty, model democracy, life expectancy and exceptional social system, Costa Rica attracts investors in real estate and also pensioners looking to stretching their monthly pension income while living a excellent quality of life.

Throughout the late 90s best Costa Rica Real Estate for sale would receive a excellent promotion when MSNBC would rank the sector as one of the hottest on the planet. This would subsequently initiate a wave of interest to the industry that would continue for a couple of years afterwards until the economic crisis would surface. With such a short length of the effects of the crisis, Costa Rica has since recuperated and is well on it's way back to their once flourishing Costa Rica real estate sector.

With an clear boom in construction throughout the San Jose locality, brokers are speculatively concurring there is a growth in commercial real estate in Costa Rica on the horizon. Along with many substantial commercial ventures choosing to grow - like Avenida Escazu and the Multiplaza Escazu - this verifies also, the thought of an upturn in commercial Costa Rica real estate interest. Another excellent illustration of a buzzing commercial niche is the City Mall venture planned for completion by 2014. This shopping mall is appearing to be bigger than Multiplaza Escazu and as opposed to stages, this development will be built all simultaneously.

City Mall, that is being built in the area of Alajuela, promises over 185,000 square metres Testament once more to commercial interest going up, the City Mall development is indeed sold out with all spaces taken. This could be attributed to the terrific marketing results of the creator to international companies from across the world such as Chili's, Tommy Hillfiger, the Gap, Carrion, Alis and Kenneth Cole to name just a few. Among the vendors in the new shopping center - ten 4D technology cinemas will be opened presenting the best in cinema technological innovation.

Since 1996, Finding the best real estate agency in costa rica has provided a super source of Costa Rica real estate for sale that includes commercial, residential and rental properties.

With the Central Valley bursting in sales which consequently has constructors on their toes to try and match demand, the very same can be said for Guanacaste where they're encountering somewhat of an influx in attraction mostly from an rising medical tourism industry which has done well for localized businesses all through the province. As one of the front-runners in medical travel, Costa Rica draws in thousands of visitors hunting for high quality, reasonable medical procedures - because of this, astute developers are coordinating to construct to suit this valuable niche.

Looking ahead the Costa Rica real estate industry is witnessing new promising markets and the revitalization of some old ones - 2013 is looking favourable for real estate in Costa Rica.

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